Access computers and specialist software

You’ll have access to facilities fully-equipped with PC or Mac computers that are pre-loaded with the latest professional programmes to help you in your studies.


On starting at the University you will be given 30GB of cloud storage in your Google Apps account, to use from home as well as on campus, providing you with easy access to shared documents and making it easy for you to collaborate with other students on group work.

Find the computer for you

There are over 4,500 PCs, 500 Apple Macs and over 100 iPads and other tablets for you to use across our campuses and 92 computer labs. Our libraries offer hundreds of workstations for your general requirements, such as browsing and report writing, as well as speciality learning environments for group work.

Many computers include software such as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), G*Power, Microsoft Office (including Excel, PowerPoint and Word), and Adobe Photoshop, Audition and Premiere Pro.

Specialist facilities from the School of Computing and Digital Media

If you're a student in the School of Computing and Digital Media, you'll have access to a number of exciting labs including a microprocessor lab, computer forensics and IT security lab and a computer animation lab. These come with specialist software including specialised mathematics software that supports applications with statistics and data mining.

Laptop hire

If you’d rather get your work done on the move or over lunch, or you want to take notes in class, you can hire a laptop from one of our laptop loan lockers. These allow you to move around the campus while continuing to work on your projects.