Internship and volunteering opportunities

You may replace one of your four modules with an internship during your time at London Met. We have partnered with an external organisation with expertise in this area who are able to offer a wide range of industry and voluntary sectors. They will source placements, liaise with employers, go through the code of conduct and dress code and monitor your progress. You will be registered for a London Met internship module and receive academic credit, as per an academic module. 

Please note there is a fee for this service. You can apply by ticking the internship box on the Study Abroad application form.

If you are intending to undertake an internship or take part in volunteering you must have a Tier 4 visa. Please take a look at our visa information for further details.

The internship is intended to help you gain the type of skills and real life experiences employers say they want from college graduates. Bear in mind that whilst every effort will be made to find an opportunity in your chosen field, you do have to be realistic and flexible. 

Jobs and career development

Our careers team can help you with everything from updating your CV to planning your future career and how to make the most of your study abroad experience. You can only work in the UK if you have a Tier 4 visa.

For more information, visit the careers section of our website.