2018-19 trade union facility time reporting

Regulations came into force on 1 April 2017 requiring us to publish information on the time our recognised trade unions spend on facility time each year.

2017/18 was the first publication year and data must be published by 31 July each year. 

Facility time is defined as the provision of paid or unpaid time off from an employee’s normal role to undertake TU duties and activities as a TU representative. There is a statutory entitlement to reasonable paid time off for undertaking union duties.

We recognise three trade unions: UCU, UNISON and GMB.

14 employees (12 FTE) were relevant union officials during the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

The proportion spent by union officials on facility time was:

0% of working hours: nine representatives
1 to 50% of working hours: three representatives
51 to 99% of working hours: two representatives
100% of working hours: no representatives

900.5 hours were paid facility time.

The percentage of the total pay bill spent on facility time was 0.10%.

No hours were spent on paid trade union activities.

Information for staff

Staff members at London Metropolitan University can find out more about staff trade unions in the Staff Zone (login required).

Staff trade unions

The University is committed to working within a constructive employee relations environment that will enhance organisational effectiveness and encourage staff to respond positively.

Formal and informal communication networks with staff and trade unions are encouraged, to facilitate understanding and co-operation.

The university recognises UNISON and GMB for collective bargaining in respect of professional services staff and the UCU for collective bargaining in respect of mainstream academic staff.

Each of the recognised trade union has a recognition agreement with the university, which includes consultation forums with management and a facilities agreement that includes time off for trade union activities.


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