Frequently asked questions

Q: I keep getting an internal error when trying to apply for a vacancy.

A: We recommend that you register first before trying to apply for a vacancy. To do this, go to our web page and click on the Register button. ?Enter all the required information and click on the Register button at the bottom. You will then be taken to ?your Personal Pages.

From here, you can either click on the Job Search link under the Employment ?Opportunities section and do a general search by clicking on the Start Search button, in which case a list ?of all current vacancies will be displayed. Or, if you know the vacancy reference, you can click on the ?Apply Directly link, enter the reference of the vacancy you wish to apply for and click on Start Search to ?display just that vacancy. Once you have found the vacancy, click in the small square box to the left of the ?vacancy to highlight it and then click on the Apply/Display Application button.

Q: When I try to register, I get a message that says my email address is already taken.

A: This means that you have previously registered on our system with the same email address.  

Q: I have tried and failed to logon on a number of occasions and am now getting the following message: ?''Password logon no longer possible – too many failed attempts''. What should I do?

A: You will need to email who will pass your information on to the relevant person who will be able to unlock ?your records and reset your password for you.

Q: The advertisement and/or job description and person specification is not displaying.

A: Do you have Adobe Reader downloaded on your PC? If not, you can download it for free.

Q: The drop-down choices on the Application Wizard are not working.

A: Most likely this is because you are using a mac rather than a PC.  If your current web browser is Safari, we suggest you try a different ?internet browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Q: Nothing is happening when I click on the Apply button.

A: Please make sure you have pop-ups unblocked.  If pop-ups are blocked then our eRecruiting system is unable to open up the Application Wizard in a new window.

Q: The Application Wizard Data Overview is not displaying.

A1: Do you have Adobe Reader downloaded on your PC? If not, you can download it for free.

A2: If you already have Adobe Reader version 8 or higher on your PC, it is probably because you have ?entered a large amount of text in the Additional Details tab. Currently, if a lot of information is entered in ?the Additional Details tab, PDF documents are timing out. We suggest you change the Display Format for ?Data Overviews in your Personal Settings to HTML to overcome this issue.

Q: The Equal Opportunities Questionnaire will not save and I am unable to move on to the next tab.

A: Make sure you have answered all the mandatory questions. This includes the final question at the ?bottom of the page asking if you are agreeable to the University providing information relating to your ?disability, in confidence, to the panel in order that they may consider your application against the elements ?of the person specification which are unaffected by your disability.

Q: I was working on an online job application for a post at London Metropolitan University. I somehow ?lost the page and can't work out if it is retrievable.

A: Go to our Job Vacancies web page, and click on Already Registered. Enter your username and password and click on Logon. You will be taken to your ?Personal Pages. Click on the Applications link under the Employment Opportunities section. A list of ?any vacancies that you have applied for will be displayed.

Select your application by clicking in the small ?square box to the left hand side to select it and then click on the Continue/Display Application button. You ?will then be taken to the Application Wizard where you can continue with your application.


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